Spirit Led Worship:
How to Follow Where
HE Leads

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Worship leading under the direction of the Holy Spirit is less talked about than any other aspect of worship. There are many conferences, and a plethora of books and videos available to Music Directors, regarding the best way to maximize the potential of a worship team and its individuals, how to deal with personalities, about excellence and practice techniques, about leadership, how to coordinate the band, how to encourage a worship team, and the list goes on and on. However, these topics are merely the workings or mechanics of running a team. When it actually comes down to learning to work with the Holy Spirit, there is a large silent pause.

In John 16:14, Jesus, speaking of the Holy Spirit, explains,

"He will glorify Me, for He will take what is Mine and declare it to you." - ESV

Given that it is the Holy Spirit who reveals God's glory to us, surely He should be in charge of our worship. Who better to help us worship as we aught? Who better to lead us into perfect praise?

This book is an attempt to correlate all the worship leading lessons the Holy Spirit has taught Karen over the years. It is through these lessons that Karen hopes that others will leap from her shoulders, bypassing her own mistakes, to go on to even greater heights with the Holy Spirit than she ever did and to in turn train others.

This book is for the Bride. May she shine brightly in the radiance of glorious worship.


By Dr Mark Virkler


Spirit Led Worship by Karen M. Gray is training that is much in demand in the church of Christ. I believe we all understand there is a difference between singing songs to God, and entering into His presence where we worship before His throne, and are touched and transformed by His presence.

People come to church wanting to have an encounter with God. Will we offer them one? This heavenly encounter should be experienced in every part of the service. This includes the preaching, the worship, the body ministry and the release of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Karen's book trains you how to effectively be a Spirit-led worshipper who can lead a congregation into the presence of God to be touched and healed by Him. This book is both practical and spiritual. Karen covers every aspect of Spirit-led worship from the pre-service prayer, to the "what" and "why" we are even singing. We are here to come before His throne and worship along with the heavenly hosts.

John saw this heavenly host worshipping in Revelation chapter four. The nice thing about the Bible is that it is meant to be lived. If John can do this, so can we. Spirit-led worship will train you how to fix your eyes upon Jesus as you worship, sense the moving of His Spirit both individually and corporately, and move with His leading. Now church becomes fun, because it is a living encounter with the living God!

Read, learn, and practice the principles Karen shares and make your personal and corporate worship times encounters with your heavenly Father.

Thank you, Karen, for this very unique, very special and much needed book on the "how to's" of Spirit Led Worship. May you as a reader of this book be led to participate in Spirit-led worship.


- Dr. Mark Virkler
President of Communion With God Ministries
Author of 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice

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